Week commencing 5th April

A weekend ritual I have is using ‘weekend coffee cups’ with various animals on them. The animals remind me of going on safari with Annie which was so magical.

These weeknotes were drafted on Friday 9th — and then this morning, on Sunday 11th- I opened the This Might Resonate newsletter from Emily Bazalgette. Her opening topic grabbed me — it’s about transactional enchantment. These words particularly struck me:

it’s about all of us re-making…

Week commencing 29th March

A poem my wonderful friend Jess wrote for my daughter.

I took a day off on Monday for my birthday. I find birthdays are a good milestone in recognising how much time has passed. For these weeknotes I have 3 things to share:

  1. Cherry blossoms will forever remind me of these times — in lockdown days…

Week commencing 22nd March

This week I saw a rainbow and it gave me hope.

Busy week! I’m quite wiped so this is a short one.

What I’ve been working on:

  • Our mentoring support through Beyond has had some good uptake over recent weeks so I’ve been supporting some charities who have been in touch with specific issues. …

Week commencing 15th March

Posters in Madrid for 8M (International Women’s Day)

It’s so strange to read my weeknotes from last week in light of events over the weekend and the images emerging from the vigil at Clapham Common.

This week I have felt angry and helpless. So I did what I often do and revisited my 10…

Week commencing 8th March.

Values which are important to me which surfaced during a session led by Ellie Hale.

There’s an exercise we used to take early stage entrepreneurs through as part of a Bath University scheme a few years ago-it asks people to consider the Political, Environmental, Social and Technological factors which might impact on their idea or initiative. …

Week commencing 1st March

Morning dog walks looked different this week — I loved coming across this beautiful doorway due to our change of scenery. The place itself is currently closed but the doorway is uplifting and that’s something.

This week felt adventurous. After spotting cockroaches in a similar place every morning for the past 6 weeks the time came to have our house fumigated. Apparently quite a normal thing for Madrid. …

Cat Ainsworth

Co-Founder, with @annielegge, of The Dot Project (@dotprojectcoop). Champion for tech for social impact & women in tech.

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